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The Source for Sophisticated Solutions is now McNeal Enterprises, Inc.

Quality Plastic Industries, Inc. was originally founded in 1977 as a fabricator of custom plastic parts. In 2009 McNeal Enterprises, Inc purchased a substantial portion of its assets including the equipment, inventory, and intellectual property. This purchase has helped McNeal expand to meet the needs of the Industries we serve.

With the combination of McNeal Enterprises and Quality Plastics, we mold, machine, fabricate, and thermoform a variety of plastic materials such as: Plexiglas®, Lexan®, ABS, Kydex®, Noryl®, PETG, Teflon®, Nylon®, Torlon®, Polypropylene, Polyethelene, as well as mechanical and glass filled materials.

We are also a complete turnkey manufacturer. Our manufacturing facility offers versatility in product assembly and distribution . We are the leader in anti-static coated materials and products. To find out more, click on our capabilities, or click on an image at the right to see our projects.

For more information about Quality Plasticís services, please contact McNeal Enterprises, Inc. at 408-922-7290 or sales@mcneal.com
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